It’s time to get clear on your social media strategy so you can make a bigger impact.

Sound familiar?


You’ve been showing up consistently on social media for at least three months but your time and energy doesn’t seem to be paying off.


With everything else you have to do in your business, you don’t have time to brainstorm content ideas, keep up with new features, or learn how to analyze data. 


You know your brand could be making a bigger impact if your social media presence was better aligned with your purpose and mission.

here’s the fix

Jenessa Stark – Content Manager

After managing hundreds of social media profiles and working with conscious e-comm brands in the food, fashion, and personal care products industries, I developed an audit focused on what really matters for purpose-driven e-commerce brands at a price that works for startups and growing businesses.


THE social media audit


Expert eyes on your social media and a multi-page report with:
  • A 90-day analytics review of up to 3 platforms to give you a snapshot of your account health.
  • Content ideas that attract, educate and entertain your conscious audience.
  • 3-5 sets of hashtags that help you reach your ideal customers.
  • An easy-to-follow improvement plan for optimizing your social media presence based on your goals.
Plus a 30-minute call with me to review your audit and answer all your burning social media questions.

how it works

Phase 1


  • Request a social media checkup with a 3-minute virtual survey.
  • You’ll receive a link to the launch survey where you share more about your social media goals, needs, and capabilities.
  • Complete the contract and pay for the service.
  • The LDA launch team will be in touch to securely connect relevant profiles and reporting tools and request your brand book or relevant marketing materials if you have them.
Phase 2
  • Your in-app and on-site analytics are reviewed. I look for strengths and areas that will benefit from tactical or creative optimizations and note the findings for each platform. Your goals, branding, and these results are kept in mind as I develop recommendations and content ideas. This is also when hashtag research and development takes place.
  • Everything is gathered in a PDF, then delivered to you along with an invite to schedule a time to review the report.
  • We review the report together, along with anyone else on your team you’d like to be present. This is a great time to ask questions!
  • When we’re all done, you have a game plan for improving your social media presence.

DATA-DRIVEN social media marketing


57% increase in reach on Instagram

after a small ethical fashion and accessories brand implemented recommended changes and optimizations from their Social Media Audit.

1,481% increase in website sessions from Instagram

in the first year of organic social media management for a clean skincare company.

53% increase in engagement rate on Instagram

after four months of social media management for a slow fashion brand.

you might be wondering…


What social media platforms do you provide checkups for?

We currently audit Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. Sorry, no TikTok — yet!

How long does the audit process take?

After you submit your audit request survey, you’ll receive an email with the contract and payment information within 2 business days. Setup (granting us access to your accounts) typically takes 1-2 business days. After that, you’ll have your audit within 5 business days.

What are my payment options?

Your in-full payment reserves your audit. You can pay with PayPal, e-check, or credit card.

I don't have time to implement these changes. Can you do it for me?

These changes can be implemented as part of a 3-month social media management contract. We’ll also continue to test ideas and fine-tune your strategy and report back to you each month. That said, a social media audit is a great way for us to get to know each other, and we highly recommend starting here before signing up for monthly services.